In 2018, Blanca Miro Scrimieri and jewellery designer Wilhelmina García launched ‘Chase your rainbow!’ a capsule collection with multicoloured styles crafted in 10-karat yellow gold.

The Blanca Miro Wilhelmina Garcia Rainbows collection is a magical and vibrant collection created by the designer duo that is believed to give super powers to the wearer to be what she wants to be.

WE LOVE how Blanca Miro transfers her colorful and powerful personal style to a jewelry collection that is beyond desirable.

Wilhelmina Garcia Jewelry

Wilhelmina Garcia

‘This young jewellery designer has created a world of wonderland where we would all rather live. ’


Since 2012, the young Barcelona-based jewelry designer that goes by the name of Wilhelmina Garcia has us living in wonderland, a realm full of magic and fantasy. Her collections with an urban and edgy feel are made for a real, naturally sensual woman.

Her latest collection inspired by Rainbows has been developed in partnership with stylist Blanca Miró Scrimieri. The Blanca Miró x Wilhelmina Garcia Rainbows collection creates an edit of iconic, timeless and colorful pieces that perfectly capture the brand’s identity as well as Blanca Miró’s distinct personal style.

WE LOVE that Wilhelmina Garcia creates dainty collections that are ideal for everyday wear to create enchanting playful combinations that transport us to our dream world.

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