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A Glorious Rentrée


Sunsets by the beach, long and unpreoccupied walks wandering the streets of our favourite vacation spots or a simple and relaxed get-together with friends and family. While we are still dreaming of holidays, truth is that those days are just gone. Short and clear. Our most coveted holiday memories are, well, memories. Summer (almost) belongs to the past. Or future for that matter.

Present time is a loud back-to-office calling. Call us optimistic, but we don’t think it’s all that bad. In our quest to avoid the post-holiday blues we are focusing on the here and now and making our days unforgettable for the better. September, like January, feels like a clean slate, that back-to-school feeling with all your new gear.

We are determined to making your rentrée a piece of cake and, of course, that involves jewellery. We know that jewellery not only elevates your outfits but also your days. Didn’t you know? That moment when you play with your earrings during a presentation? Pure joy. Taking your sight away from the computer and looking at your rings? A heavenly break. Talking, talking, talking while moving your hands and making your bracelets tinkle? Just the right amount of drama.

Our best-sellers from the coolest jewellery brands are back in stock for such a grandieuse occasion. Those pieces that you will wear non-stop are here: ear crawlers, asymmetric earrings, statement bracelets and more.

New pieces from our curated selection of designers have arrived to Vandômian so that you can set foot in the office with fresh from the oven bling.

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