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The Inspirations Behind URiBE's Jewellery

Spring 2017

Although URiBE’s designers, Tiffany and Sion, live and work in London, their brand was born between California and Chile during a honeymoon which was spent absorbing the magic and the culture of every place they passed. Travel has become URiBE’s main catalyst and influence.

After having worked with famed brands such as Chanel, Kenzo, Opening Ceremony, Loewe, Nike or BMW, URiBE have come to create a signature aesthetics which includes dual tonality metals reminiscent of surgical tools used by Tiffany’s family, Lapis Lazuli from her home country Chile and mechanical elements from Sion’s background in the steel industry.

Clean elegant lines are deftly combined with natural stones. Purity of shapes, noble materials and an impeccable design work the charm irradiated by URiBE’s pieces. The inspirations behind their collections are so enigmatic that create and irresistible magnetism towards each and every one of their jewels. Their last collection centres on the fleeting moments and everything that once ceases to exist but leaves a lingering essence behind: Barbara Hepworth, Vivian Sassen, Daido Moriyama and Carol Bove were the names on the list of influences. What is their secret?

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Barbara Hepworth (1903 Yorkshire – 1975 Cornwall) was one of the main 20th century sculptors. She was part of the Cornwall scene (working in a studio in St Ives) with Ben Nicholson (to whom she was married for years) and Naum Gabo. Hepworth, very much like URiBE worked with traditional materials but innovative techniques. Her work was characterized by empty spaces inside the sculpture which she created of wood and stone in abstract shapes because for her “space was as important as volume”.

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From sculpture to photography without leaving geometry and abstraction of the body, Viviane Sassen (1972, Amsterdam) is a living inspiration for URiBE’s creative duo. She is closely related to arts and fashion just like the designers are and has worked for Miu Miu, Stella McCartney and Louis Vuitton.

"You should always be able to judge a photograph on different grounds, on political, social, emotional, but also on personal grounds."

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Another photographer finds his way into URiBE’s creations. Japanese-born Daido Moriyama (1938, Osaka) is known for his blurry images, overexposure and great contrast between black and white in his perfectly imperfect pictures. Admittedly influenced by Robert Frank, Andy Warhol, Jack Kerouac and Yukio Mishima, his main topic is life in the city: the same way of life that seems to fit the mood of URiBE’s collections.

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Materials used by Carol Bove (1971, Geneva) include books, driftwood, precious peacock feathers and seashells, rude metal and concrete, foam and pieces from other works of art. With all this array, she manages to creates drawings and installations concerning the artistic, political and social movements of the decades of the 60s and 70s. Just like URiBE’s pieces her art follows an almost architectural syntax into beauty.

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