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Where Art Meets Fashion: Nushka


Do really dreams come true? They did for Fanny Nushka. Hers is the brave story of a woman who decided to follow her heart’s desires and live by her passion. Born in Lille and currently living in Marseille (Southern France), Nushka started painting after a fortuitous meeting with Maggie Siner at the age of 14. The American painter was visiting with Nushka’s parents and Fanny was promptly captivated by art after a night of painting that started a long-lasting relationship of mentoring and mutual admiration.

As a good student Fanny went on to study Political Science and Management in HEC Paris and started directing an art gallery straight after university. However, when business and work got in the way of painting and showing her art, she decided to fully devote her life to a passion. Spoiler alert! Nushka’s plan obviously worked out and she is now a successful painter shown at the most prestigious galleries.

Her painting technique may be classical post-impressionist but her subjects are modern and very much in touch with the spirit of our times. Influenced by the dark Romanticism of John Singer Sargent and the very decorative atmosphere of Gustav Klimt’s world, Nushka loves ideals: ideal women, ideal clothing, ideal interiors. And what is fashion but idealization?

The French artist does not really care for reality, she would rather dwell in the dream, in beauty and perfection. She paints from photographs she has taken, nourishes from urban energy, finds inspiration in books and magazines (where her exquisite paintings could be well part of covers and editorials). Just like in runway shows in which the focus falls on the body, in Nushka’s paintings eyes, mouth and nose are absent to concentrate on muscle and bones.

Her work instills a soothing quality of exquisite beauty and unrealizable ideal that captures hearts of public and critics alike. Maybe Nushka’s paintings are, in the words of Shakespeare, such stuff as dreams are made on. So, we will keep dreaming.

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