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Asymmetric Earrings: A Love Story


If 2016 was all about the bad news, 2017 is starting on a merrier note. We have got the scoop: you can now wear asymmetric earrings or wear them single. Losing an earring of a pair is one of a girl’s most recurring nightmares. And it is not a one instalment story, it usually has a second and even a third part. The loss can be especially painful when you become attached to a set of earrings. Such a heartbreak!

Did they fall down while rushing to after work drinks? Dropped it in a lover’s bedroom? Did your cat misplace it never to be found? You can go crazy looking for them, they will never come back. How many odd pairs lie forgotten in your drawers? It is time to reclaim them back. Forget about symmetry, from now on fashion is celebrating diversity in your ears.

For this season, designers have taken a stand: asymmetric earrings are all the rage. We have seen them down the catwalk at Chanel, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Marni and Simone Rocha. Also in the elegant jewelry collections by Charlotte Chesnais and Ileana Makri. You are allowed to have fun while making a bold statement and uplifting your look. If you get it right, wearing mismatched earrings will endow your style with just the right amount of cool. Try to find balance or create intelligent style clashes.

Wearing paired earrings? Let’s have more fun! Combine the minimalist designs by Charlotte Chesnais with Anton Heunis Fine’s multicolor bolts of lightning for an audacious contrasted effect. Try mixing Diane Kordas’ edgy stars with the smooth pearls by Asherali Knopfer. Dare to bring together Ileana Makri’s green earrings with Uribe’s blues. Cuffs and studs, studs and drops, long and short or even long earrings at different lengths. Choose your look. Combinations never end.

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