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Earrings & Selfies: Perfect Combination


Vandômian | The best earrings to amp up your selfie game

The rise of social media and the increasing quality of smartphone cameras sparked a selfie trend that had one of its milestones with the utterly famous group selfie led by Bradley Cooper and Ellen DeGeneres. That was at the Oscars in 2014. Far from fading, up until now selfies have continued to be a phenomenon and the hunt for finding ways to enhance your personality or customize the look has placed earrings as the most sought-after category of accessories to help you achieve so.

As a result, Earrings have become the most important jewelry macro-trend of the recent years. Designers are tirelessly playing with unexpected shapes that hug the ear like never before, vibrant colors are at the heart of incredible collections and the combination of different materials has never been so rich. All this creativity spurs more creativity and gives us a blank canvas to experiment. We are getting you started with 4 ways to master your earring game for your next selfies. Take note.

A high impact selfie demands a pair of jaw-dropping statement earrings and luxury fashion jewelry is your best friend here. Adding a pair of ear candy is a great way to personalize a look. Let it be a pair of Ca&Lou silver hoop earrings embellished with Swarovski crystals and pearls, gold statement earrings from Annelise Michelson or with a pop of color courtesy of designers Venessa Arizaga and Shourouk. As Carol Woolton from British Vogue put it, everybody is into big statement earrings. Why wouldn’t you?

If bold is not your thing but still would like to go the extra edgy mile, mismatching your earrings is the way to go. Unlike some might think, wearing asymmetric earrings is not a case for go big or go home but it’s highly adaptable to your own style. If you are not used to it or are unsure how to create your own mismatch pair opt for an already made pair of asymmetric earrings or a subtle design that is easy to combine with others you might have at home. We are thinking a delicate hoop combined with an elegant stud. If you already master the trend, try a high impact choice like the asymmetric leaf earrings in our jewelry store.

If you are wondering how to keep it discreet but catchy at the same time, think about scattering subtle earrings across your ear piercings. Here, gemstones can go a long way. We are firm believers that gemstones can absolutely be worn on a daily basis. Colorful sapphires, diamonds and pearls will bring light to your face and leave it with a selfie-ready glow. Rose gold stud earrings with diamonds from Ileana Makri and Diane Kordas are popular choices.

Aren’t you ready to get additional piercings in your ear but love the effect? We totally hear you. Rest assured that whoever said no pain no gain definitely didn’t know about ear crawlers and ear cuffs. Surrender to the transformative power of these easy to wear earrings. Options can be quite ostentatious like Annelise Michelson’s Draped cuff and Charlotte Chesnais’ Caracol but also more subdued. This is the case for Ca&Lou’s subtle earcuff or Charltote Chesnais’ versatile Helix and Naho earrings.

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