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Iconic Jewels in Films


There are movies whose main characters are not people but the jewelry they were wearing. Just try some of these titles without their iconic necklaces, rings or bracelets. Iconic jewels in films turn into the true stars and their legacy lasts forever (like diamonds) defining style and shaping the tastes of women around the world who start wishing for a pearl necklace or a black diamond engagement ring. Which of these pieces have you dreamed about?

The Heart of the Ocean entered our lives in 1997 and instantly became one of the most recognizable jewels ever to appear in a film. In the story, it is a blue diamond originally owned by Louis XVI, the last king of France, who had it shaped as a heart after the French Revolution. Given to Rose DeWitt Bukater by her fiancé Cal Hockley, it is the only thing she is wearing when artist Jack Dawson paints her portrait. The necklace becomes one of the few survivors of the Titanic disaster but Rose gives it back to the ocean where it belongs 80 years later.

The blonde actress probably had reasons to believe her lines when she was singing that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” in a hot pink silk dress with matching gloves and accessorized with a sumptuous diamond choker designed by Harry Winston, two bracelets and a ring featuring the Moon of Baroda diamond. An ode to the 1950s iconic materialism that could not be better illustrated and made women all around the world fall in love with Winston’s pieces.

There was some iconic jewelry pieces to be expected from a film with such a title. Holly Golightly is a seemingly ditzy rich girl who lives the high life in Manhattan. After all, she wears Givenchy and Tiffany & Co jewelry to have breakfast. The famous necklace can actually be seen in all its splendor at the 5th Avenue Tiffany store in New York and believe it or not, it was never a Tiffany’s commercial move. The film is an adaptation of a Truman Capote novel.

The necklace is simply stunning but it also marks the culmination of the Vivian Ward Pygmalion transformation by a wealthy tycoon played by Richard Gere. It is not every day that a great occasion can be celebrated with 23 pear-shaped rubies surrounded by diamonds set in 18k gold by grace of French jewelry designer Fred Joailler. Julia Roberts’ laugh became the most famous giggle of the decade in an improvised scene that turned out to be one of the best loved by director Garry Marshall.

After 6 seasons and 2 movies, it was about time that John Preston a.k.a. Mr. Big made the move, forgot about Manolos and bought a real piece of jewelry. Maybe Sex and the City is not a big cinema classic but the series sure marked a generation of women who decided to be independent and stylish at all costs. Big chooses a 5 carat black diamond set in white gold accompanied by 80 diamonds designed by (then) unknown Itay Malkin. “Why black?” “Because we are not like everyone else.”

As masculine as her style was, Marlene Dietrich was never one to forget about jewelry, a true obsession of hers. She was one of the biggest collectors of Hollywood and owned most of the pieces in which she appeared in her films. In 1950, she decided to show the absolute star of her jewelry box, the Van Cleef & Arpel’s Jarretière bracelet, a tridimensional design made with rubies and diamonds in 1937, that appeared in Stage Fright by Alfred Hitchcock.

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