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If You Feel Magic, You Will Love Every Item on This List


Sure, you have heard a thousand times that life is not how it is but how you choose to live it. And it is true. You can live an ordinary life or decide to lead a magical existence. Start today! And by magical, we do not mean you start pulling rabbits out of a hat. Just try to fill each day with love and special moments.

Surround yourself with positivity and good vibes. Listen to cheerful music with meaningful lyrics, go to the cinema and enjoy the moment, read book after book and wear charming jewellery. Nothing better to be magic than wearing your amulets. We found some designers that have created true reflections of the soul.

Karen All Over Earrings and Bracelet by Ca&Lou. This gold plated brass earrings invoke the power of 20 Swarovski crystals with the company of a titillating golden fringe. They will bring movement and light to your face and your entire day. Hear, hear them whistle! Like twin flames, these earrings will shine brighter paired with the slip-on style Karen bracelet . Feel the connection!

Sea Leaves Earrings by Annelise Michelson . If you are still dreaming of someday becoming a mermaid, we will have to take you down to earth. However, nothing will prevent you to feel like one with Annelise Michelson’s organic and sensual Algae designs inspired by the marine flora. These silver seaweeds will wrap around your ears enhancing the natural glow of your face.

Charlotte Chesnais’ sinuous earrings and rings. The labyrinthine shapes of Charlotte Chesnais ’ jewellery will instantly transform you into a fascinating being with your own seductive universe. Pair them with the Turtle ring to complete the spell. Alohomora!

Bird Claw Earring by Asherali Knopfer. The forces of nature become jewellery in this dangling single earring symbolizing a bird (with a strong sense of fashion) grasping a pearl. Elegant as none, wear it unpaired as a good-luck charm of elegance and luxury. Asherali Knopfer’s use of natural imagery is absolutely mesmerizing and will make you feel in harmony with the universe. Summon the forces of happiness into your funky spirit.

The Boom necklace and charm rings by Diane Kordas. If you are into bright colors, wild designs and statement-making, we suggest you take a look at the Pop Art collection by London-based designer Diane Kordas. Break into the scene with a clash wearing the effervescent Boom Necklace or lure the galactic energy with the Star Ring. Diamonds and rose gold never felt so modern.

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