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3 New Jewelry Trends in 2017 You Are Going to Wear


Some pieces of jewelry you will keep all your life. Gold rings, pearl earrings or diamonds never go out of style. However, wouldn’t life be boring if we never went out of our way to add some sparkle? Every season, look out for refreshing new trends in jewelry to make some wise additions to your bling box. This new year 2017 will not be one for the faint of heart since trends will be bold and dashing. Brace yourself for big statement pieces and strong symbolism. These are the 3 new jewelry trends in 2017 you are going to wear.

Big necklaces will be a thing again these upcoming months. You can choose them baroque or with pure sleek lines like Adeline Cacheux ’s chains and intertwined circles. Always wear them with minimalist tops or dresses. They will be enough as the centre of attention. It is time to give way so statement necklaces have their moment of glory . If you feel that something is missing to perfect your look, you are probably right. A statement necklace has the potential to transform any piece out of your wardrobe.

This kind of bracelets has a double take on them (and it was about time to start wearing bracelets in a creative manner ). You can wear them jangling loose on your wrists or in mid-arm boasting the chic factor. Get 3⁄4 sleeves ready for this non-traditional piece. Designer Adeline Cacheux combines a wide silver band with a gold fine bracelet in true rock spirit. Take a chance with color with Eye M by Ileana Makri’s combinations of blue and red.

The crucifix has long transcended all religious meaning to become a fashion icon. So when you have mastered the art of statement necklaces and arm cuffs, it will be time to start introducing crosses into your everyday looks in the form of necklaces, bracelets, rings and even earrings.
If you think slip or grungy flower dresses are difficult to accessorize, a crucifix is the answer. These pendants also look great with a plunging neckline to take modesty out of the equation. Add a choker or a white t-shirt to channel 90s vibes or match them to earrings, rings and watches. Your to-go brand is VSA Designs and their mystic imagery infused with romance and magic.

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