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Sisters at Work: Asherali Knopfer


It’s a family affair. Sisters Chloé and Chanael Knopfer joined forces to create beautiful pieces that give a new meaning to pearls. It’s a fact that after seeing their beautiful creations you won’t look at pearls the same way anymore. But not only: 18-karat gold, diamonds and sapphires also make an appearance. Their joint adventure starts with the Hebrew word “Asherali” which means happiness united to their surname.

Chanael started her love affair with jewels by studying jewellery design in the mythical city (for the fashion lovers) of Antwerp, Belgium. You will know them by their famously interchangeable and multitasking but unique earrings that work best when you follow their advice: Mix & Match. Dare to try. Create your own look, your own style.

They have the scoop. And Anna dello Russo, editor-at-large of Vogue Japan, and Leandra Medine, founder of Man Repeller, to account for their exquisite taste and endless amounts of cool. Or we could say edgy, modern and elegant. We love how their pieces attract opposites: from women that adore pearls to people that would never be caught wearing one.

Nowadays, freed from its bourgeois connotations, pearls make a grand comeback appearing where it is not expected thanks to daring designs and combinations. Asherali Knopfer charms girls with any style, be it arty, bohemian or punk to drag her out of routine and reinvent jewellery. Collecting precious pieces is the trend now, don’t miss out.

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