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Street Style: Bracelet Styling Tricks



Bracelets are always a gentle and stylish reminder that you are wearing jewellery and, as a result, adding to your style.  Versatile as few , bracelets can be stacked and combined in multitude. Yes, you only have two arms but the mixing of styles and opposites is not only allowed but heartily encouraged. You can make it formal as you want to be choosing gold and silver or you can tone it down adding beads and colours. If your are a lover of bracelets but sometimes run out of ideas on how to make the most of them, you will want to read about these bracelet styling tricks directly from the street style experts.

Sandra Hagelstam from Five Inch and Up

Like London blogger Sandra Hagelstam, you can keep it simple and classy by just wearing two bracelets. One of them should be minimalistic in your material of choice. Think gold, silver or rose gold. Pick a visibly different style (but same colour). Wavy, with gems, with a chain or with charms. Try the combination and add style points to a daring outfit.

Silvia Garcia from Bartabac

All your favourite accessories can perfectly coexist in your arm. You do not need to leave your watch arm orphan of jewellery, just make sure that the elements match. If your watch is silver, add silver-coloured bracelets to the mix, accompanied by charms, beads or black leather bracelets. Going with the golden colour scheme add warm-tone beads and tan leather. Imagination is the key!


A clash of opposites can be edgy but we tend to balance when making up our outfits. If you have created a look by combining neutral colours such as grey or white, with clean lines and an uncomplicated bag, do not fall out of line.

Choose a fine chain bracelet with geometric shapes. Trendy and timeless, never fails.

Gala Gonzalez from Amlul

Yes, minimalism is a trend but we also believe that (sometimes) more is more. For those mornings where you cannot make up your mind on what to wear, snitch a good number of your bracelets out of the jewellery box taking into account metals, textures, shapes, colours and your own personal style. Are you a bohemian spirit? More of a rock chick? Or truly feminine? Stack wisely from five up!

Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific

Still in the maximalist vibe, why not adding some rings to accompany a good number of bracelets? Again, harmony is essential in getting the look right. Choose a 3⁄4 sleeve sweater so your bracelets can shine in all their glory.

5 Inch and Up
Gala Gonzalez
Atlantic Pacific
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