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5 Things You Didn't Know About Rings


White gold diamond band ring | Ileana Makri | Vandômian

There is not a jewel more eternal and, at the same time, discreet than rings. These seemly silent pieces can be a statement-making accessory. Also, they are usually much cherished because of their meaning or the huge amount of feeling we invest in them. Every woman has its favorite ring for myriad different reasons: maybe it was passed on by their mothers (or grandmothers!), they keep their engagement rings, their wedding bands or that ring they bought themselves during the best trip of their lives in a country far, far away.

However, even as one of the most loved pieces of jewellery, the perfect ring (that we fall in love with) is extremely difficult to come by. Hard work ahead! We kindly suggest you take a look at Charlotte Chesnais’ original shapes that range from twisted to double to open rings or Annelise Michelson pieces inspired by algae. As you think about it, make up your mind reading about 5 things you did not know about rings.


Of course, rings are round to fit our fingers. However, their circular shape means eternity because there is endless continuity, no starting point and no ending. Maybe that is why we love so much passing them from generation to generation to family and friends.

Rings, like clothing, have a size to fit your fingers. (Fortunately, more than ever, designers are creating adaptable bands.) However, no worries, since jewellers can change sizes, take stones out or in, rearrange them or even change one kind of gem for another. Did you know that Victoria Beckham has upgraded her engagement ring 13 times?

Authentic Lapis Lazuli Jewelry | Model General View

If there is a tradition we would vote to recover would be the Ancient Greece ’s custom of exchanging friendship rings. Engagement rings are very nice but friendship rings would mean a lot more rings for each of us. Sorry (but not sorry), we delight in abundance.

Well, by modern we mean it all started 540 years ago when in 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave a diamond ring to his fiancée Mary of Burgundy to ask her in matrimony. Although it was not until the 1940s, that engagement rings became best sellers in jewellery stores. However, why we wear them on the fourth finger of the left hand comes from ages ago. The Egyptians believed that there was a vein (the vein of love) on that finger that went directly up to the heart.

Actually, he was buried along with his favourite diamond ring. His leading lady, Priscilla Presley , also enjoyed her husband’s fondness for rings when she received her engagement ring with more than 21 diamonds on it.

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