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This is How Trendsetters Do Jewellery


Jewellery is not only a red carpet staple. Trendsetters, influencers and stylish people in general know that the right accessory is key to a faultless outfit and the base of a perfect style. How do they get it right? Those in the know choose excellent quality pieces and outstanding design. Jewels can be part of every great experience in your life: parties, dinners, work meetings, trips and grand afternoons with your best friends. Make a thoughtful choice and learn from the best. This is how trendsetters do jewellery.

Vanessa Hong, The Haute Pursuit

You cannot tell us that you did not automatically fall in love with Vanessa Hong’s necklace layering. No worries, it is an art you can easily learn. You can start by playing with different length necklaces and combining fine chains with chunkier ones. If you love the XXL size, pair them with the most delicate chain you can find, or just go all the way to the top and layer statement necklaces!

Micah Gianneli

Forget about the erroneous idea that wearing a great number of pieces of jewellery will add years. It will only add chic! Micah Gianneli is a master at that and rocks an ear cuff, a dangly earring, a couple of bracelets and many rings. What is the secret? Keeping an aesthetic balance and leaving an area out (in her case, no necklaces).

Camille Charrière, Camille Over the Rainbow

They say oranges are not the only fruit and, of course, combining jewels with jewels is not the only way. Trendsetters like Camille Charrière are in the know and have come up with the union of  a colourful neckerchief and a long pendant to take a casual outfit to the next level.

Natalie Suarez, Natalie Off Duty

If diamonds are a girl’s best friends, pearls must certainly be a close second. They are a trendsetters’ favourite when it comes to earrings. Afraid of the classic look? You must know that the modern versions of the pearl earrings are incredibly stylish and daring. Natalie Suarez is known for her edgy sartorial decisions and still rocks the pearl in a simple line design. Are you up to the challenge?

Talissa Sutton, Badlands

Art director Talisa Sutton understands the ways of the rings. First of all, any piece will look better in well-manicured hands. Then, know the right number and the right style: word ring, baguette with tiny crystals and single diamond band. Two of them in the same finger is about perfect.

The Haute Pursuit
Micah Gianneli
Camile Over the Rainbow
Natalie Off Duty
Soraya Bakhtiar
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