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Traveling with Anton Heunis


Gorka Postigo

Anton Heunis was born in South Africa, studied a Master’s degree in Germany, started working in London and currently lives in Madrid where he started his jewelry brand more than a decade ago. It is easy to guess that traveling plays an essential part in his life and creative process. Heunis loves traveling and has always felt the need to experience more than just being stuck in one place.

His way of travelling is not that of the typical tourist but he tries to enjoy the everyday local life. You will not find him in big tourist clusters. Just think he has been to Paris countless times and has never got even close to the Eiffel Tower . Traveling is the experience of different ways of living and thinking that he then translates into his collections.

Anton Heunis himself explains the importance of travel.

I love flea markets more than anything. They can be up-market, down-market, cheap, trashy, chic, overrated, I don’t mind. They are always a source of inspiration to me.

I love to go to Mykonos in Greece.

I very seldom have direct inspiration from a specific place. However, often when I make something, I recall where the idea came from, be it a sweets store in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul or the glamorous metro stations in Moscow. Somehow these images have crept into my designs without me even noticing it.

When I was 14 years old, I was in a boys choir from South Africa and we did a European tour. We went everywhere from Switzerland to Austria to France but what most impressed me was the rough beauty of Lisbon. I remember seeing the broken façades of the buildings and the Portuguese tiles and thinking that that was the most beautiful place on earth. It was my first travel experience as such and, like all virgin journeys, this one will stay with me forever.

I don’t really do lists, I’m a spontaneous person but I would love to go to Perú because of the colours, the ruins, the food. There is a lot to discover there.

We can’t wait to see the delicious pieces that would come out from such an inspiring country.

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