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URiBE Loves Vandômian


Vandômian is populated by unique designers with very distinctive personalities that truly match our values. Designers that share our love for the culture of contemporary jewellery and believe that a single piece of jewellery can transform your look or even your whole day. URiBE is a brand charged with a handful of stories and a rich heritage based on trips and far away countries. URiBE is a perfect match for Vandômian in its will to make the most of each day. We talk with Tiffany Phillips about fashion, life and femininity.

Jewellery has a way of transforming a look from day to night. There is a formal idea or suggestion about it traditionally. However, today we can update our look from “office” to “a night out” by adding a statement piece, like the Alberto Earring , for example. Jewellery is fun, it is intended to make us feel good and we hope that URiBE does that for our clients.

The SS17 collection is an ode to jewellery and makers. We wanted to dissect basic jewellery elements and techniques like settings, hoop earrings and links, to come up with new interpretations à la URiBE . As available on Vandômian, the best piece to explain would be the Vivianna Bracelet. It has a moving ring, articulation and special clasps to update the idea of a basic cuff. Plus, it is named after one of our favourite jewellery designers, Vivianna Torun.

There is a lot of connections here! The main thread being “air du temps”: what is happening in the world and around us affects us all. So as creatives, we absorb things differently and find constant need to express this and create a change. Through jewellery, we do this seasonally, as in fashion, and design is slightly different as it is an ongoing process and evolution. We tap into whatever is going on in order to evolve the brand and our thought process as well.

We aim to try our best, not to please everyone and, however, to satisfy our creative ambition where possible. We try to make the most of every day, month, year, through travel and culture – aiming to find inspiration everywhere possible!

She is strong, assertive and interested in something new and unique. The woman wearing URiBE has a great sense of personal style and can adapt easily to any situation!

Patti Earrings, Vivianna Bracelet, Fred Ring and Jean Brooch.

The constant potential for jewellery to adapt and change! I use vintage earrings as brooches, pendants, necklaces as headbands and bracelets… The ideas can go on and on! A piece of jewellery is a lifelong treasure that can adapt and change with you. They are heirlooms, memoirs, afterthoughts, forget-me-nots…

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