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The Valentine's Day Edit


Valentine’s Day is getting closer. It is the first big holiday after Christmas and a great chance to get some thoughtful presents. Then, why do so many women dread and loathe the day? Probably, everyone asking if you have got a date (when you do not) is not helping. However, let us look at Valentine’s under a different light . If Valentine’s becomes a day to celebrate love (not only being part of a couple), it gets a whole new meaning.

Look around and you will see loved ones and people who adore you all around. Look at the mirror and glare at the person you love the most, that is, yourself . Why should you wait to have a boyfriend to receive a grand surprise? Treat yourself! For this year, no flowers, no candy, chocolate or cards. No, thank you. All we want for Valentine’s Day is… jewellery. No better way of rewarding your worth.

PS. If you do have a boyfriend send him the following wishlist.

The London-based designer duo knows that jewellery makes all the difference in personal style. With their geometrical and stimulating shapes, Uribe emphasise the seductive qualities of jewels and encourages intimacy between the piece and its wearer. Their bracelets, earrings and necklaces envelop the body in colours and pure lines that instantly acquire personal meaning. The uniqueness of their pieces stems from their exceptional backgrounds and Chilean-American and Welsh heritage.

The brand Asherali Knopfer is a true labour of love born from the two sisters Chanael and Chloé and their dream of creating jewellery for a lavish look with original details. The magic in their collections is added by the use of precious gemstones like diamonds and pearls. Allow yourself to fall in love with their refined modern take on the pearl earring.

Charlotte Chesnais’ pieces are love made jewel in designs that look like an eternal embrace of exclusive materials: silver and vermeil . After working at Balenciaga, Kenzo and Paco Rabanne, it is safe to say that she has learned from the best. Her organic forms wrap around the body in a uniquely smooth, free-flowing feel. The timeless style and sculptural shapes are only some of the reasons why the Saturn earrings have become a classic loved by chic connoisseurs like Chiara Mastroianni and Laetitia Casta.

Art is at the heart of Adeline Cacheux and art is what she infuses in each of her creations. There is no piece more fitting for love and Valentine’s Day than the ring. Cacheux’s band seduces with its raw edges, abstract shape and minimal embellishment. Elegant, stylish and timeless just like love should be.

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