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5 Women Who Made Jewellery Part of Their Signature Look


One woman, one unforgettable signature. Audrey Hepburn had a short haircut with an even shorter fringe, Carine Roitfeld loves a good pencil skirt while Anna Wintour masters the lady like look and Olivia Palermo has a gift for mixing patterns. Other inspiring women have opted for jewellery to make their outfits more special and create an equally inspiring signature look.

Vandômian | 5 women who made jewellery part of their signature look - Frida Kahlo

The Mexican painter had a deep thing for jewellery and couldn’t live without drop and hoop earrings, layered necklaces and even chokers. With a good dose of florals and colour, she mastered current trends back in the first half of the 20th century. The feminist artist also included bejewelled headpieces from time to time.

Vandômian | 5 women who made jewellery part of their signature look - Carolina Herrera

If there are three things that can be related to Carolina Herrera, a side from her marvelous ready-to-wear designs, these are: a crisp white shirt, an A line skirt and, yes, you guessed right, white pearls. Loyal to her signature look, the designer doesn’t seem to take them off. Our take on pearls has a more contemporary turn but we are definitely on board with her. Team pearls.

Vandômian | 5 women who made jewellery part of their signature look - Icon Accidental

Edwin S Freyer & Icon Accidental

Blogger Accidental Icon has the Instagram community upside down with her eclectic creativity, showing her true self and proving that jewellery and style have no age. Her ear candy of choice consists of XXL earrings in an infinity of materials that don’t go by unnoticed.

Vandômian | 5 women who made jewellery part of their signature look - Rachel Zoe

Leave it to the multifaceted Rachel Zoe to channel a boho-chic look based on the more is more philosophy. She loves jewellery and she is not afraid to show it: multiple rings and a stack of arm cuffs create a signature look filled with a lot of glam. All the better if it’s yellow gold.

It looks like interior designer Iris Apfel can’t live without her oversized necklaces and stack of impressive cuffs. At 96 years young, this empowering women keeps superb energy and an admiring collection of statement-making jewellery. She is not one to go for minimalism.

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