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Why Wearing Jewellery is a Feminist Act


We believe in women, in their power and strength, in their ability to change the world. When does vanity become a political stance? Easy: in the same exact moment in which we understand feminism as freedom. That is, the freedom of women of making their own choices in an environment of equality of opportunities.

Who wrote the feminist handbook? Is there a guide of how a feminist should look like? Let us fill you in. A feminist looks exactly the way she wants to look: short hair, long hair, makeup, no makeup, masculine attire, feminine dresses.

And what about jewelry? Jewelry, most of all, imbues personality and meaning to our looks simple as they might be. Therefore, wearing jewelry for our sheer pleasure as a way of expressing ourselves is the ultimate feminist act. Jewelry, unlike clothing, cannot be used to hide or change our bodies’ shape, there is no objectification of the female body, it only adds and enhances self-image and self-love.

In 2017, there is no need to feel bad about looking good. There should be no guilt since caring about your appearance has nothing to do with your professional or life achievements. Because if you feel your best, you will show the world all your potential. So every time you don a ring, a necklace or a bracelet, remember, you are really saying “This is who I am and I like it”.

Where did we get this idea that feminine is the opposite to feminist? There is no law that says that feminists cannot wear jewelry, care about fashion or put on makeup. Find that pair of earrings that bring light to your face, wear a necklace that gives you strength (and style). If embracing femininity is not a feminist act, then what is?

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