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Women Who Make Fashion Films


In the last few years, a new cinematographic genre has arisen that has absolutely stolen our hearts. We are talking about fashion films: short features about fashion or where fashion plays a central role. They can be part of a brand’s campaign or art for art’s sake. Designers, models and celebrities alike have been attracted to this new kind of movie like bees to honey. Might be the glamour, might be the fun. All in all, fashion is a female dominion and what we have been enjoying best is the incredible exhibition of talent that women directors are radiating. We will not resist being bewitched by their work.

This girl from Bilbao could perfectly be called a Renaissance woman : she directs, writes, DJs and has a strong presence in social media. Alice Waddington has a wide range of interests which she, fortunately, channels into art. After publishing her first picture in Harper’s Bazaar at 20, she was welcomed into the world of fashion film. Her interest in this genre stems from a wish to reflect the vibrant atmosphere of the fashion world. Fashion represents a lot of things that make her happy and that is what keeps her going. Her film Disco Inferno is a horror story where the characters wear Andrés Gallardo, YolanCris and Jorge Acuña.

The first African-American woman to win Best Director Award at Sundance Festival decides to make fashion films. She has also been nominated for two Oscars and four Golden Globes. Ava DuVernay allies herself with Miu Miu and actress Gabrielle Union in The Door, a sad story about a girl getting over a heartbreak (and doing it fast) with a little help from her friends. Female solidarity is an issue close to DuVernay ’s heart: she also distributes and promotes work of people of colour and women directors through her film collective ARRAY.

If there is a single drop of Coppola blood in your veins, you will be making movies. Gia Coppola, granddaughter to Francis Ford and niece to Sofia , had at 29 long been moving in the film industry when Gucci commissioned 24 fashion films for the show of Alessandro Michele’s creations. The first of these fashion films is a modern take on the myth of Orpheus and Euridice starring Lou Doillon (Jane Birkin ’s daughter) and photographer/model Marcel Castenmiller. Michele dressed them in a decadent atmosphere full of romance. Marketing strategy made art.

Inés de León started working primarily in the creation of branded content for brands, some of them, of course, fashion companies. From there to Vogue, the fashion Bible, seems a natural evolution given her enormous creativity and talent. Her masterpiece for Vogue Spain is a series of delicious fashion films called #FashionDramas heavy with sense of humour, lovely aesthetics, flawless sartorial display and to-die-for earrings. A hundred percent addictive.


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