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Women in Power: What Defines Them

Summer 2017

There are as many definitions of success as women who have achieved their goals. However, looking into it, there are habits and attitudes they all share in certain measure that have helped build their path to making it. Some are easier to acquire than others, some take time and extra effort and some others need an absolute change in mentality. The habits of successful people tend to benefit those who practise them and not only career-wise but also in life.

Anna Wintour, Vogue’s editor in chief, doesn’t wait for the sun to get up. Neither do Sheryl Sandberg or Marissa Meyer. It is certainly no coincidence and science has proved that waking up before 5 am is key to success. Maybe it is the inspiration of watching the sun rise but concentration and productivity do rise early.

If you read half an hour a day, you would finish about a book a month. A habit which does not only benefit a career but your whole lifestyle. Reading does certainly make you better for your field of expertise but also other areas you do not master. Books are essential for success from the earliest stages of a career.

Meditation allows great leaders to make space for their own thoughts. Training their minds without distractions helps developing abilities like conflict solving, concentration and communication which are key for success in business (and in life).

Running or any cardio you like for 30 minutes a day is the key to a lively mind because neurons grow with exercise (amongst all its benefits to the whole body). Physical activity also produces glucose which is food for the brain. Plus it is also the ideal training for positive thinking and team working.

Creative, proactive and enthusiast is the formula to success and the definition of the people who leave a mark. Networking is essential nowadays in any job especially the one that takes place one-to-one. Women in power know how to create an impressive first impression that lasts (and yes, there is jewellery involved for sure).

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