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Black leather choker


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The piece

  • The Santissimo Lariat Square black leather choker has a central leather piece and two 18-karat yellow gold plated sections at the extremes holding the brand’s signature square motifs with an aged-finish.
  • This necklace sits nicely for every neck size since it is fully adjustable to the owner’s personal characteristics and style.
  • Measurements: total length 114cm (45in).
Product code D01400061

Why we love it

VSA Designs’ delicate lariat choker necklace makes for a feminine, glamorous finish to your look. Embrace the potential of cosmic jewelry.

Ideas to style it

Show it off with an up-do at cocktail hour. It will be ideal to complete the look with earrings and a ring while keeping the remaining area jewellery-free.

VSA choker necklaces

VSA choker necklaces are stylish and casual at the same time. Shop the black leather choker necklace or the black velvet choker to add a touch of style to your outfits. Layer them with other VSA Designs necklaces at different lengths for a complete look.

Product code D01400061

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