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Gold vermeil Bond bracelet


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The piece

  • Made in yellow gold vermeil (18-karat, 5 microns), the Bond bracelet is aimed to be one of those special pieces that we love beyond reason from our jewellery box.
  • Charlotte Chesnais put comfort at the center when designing this beautiful, sassy piece that embraces your arm and thumb in a soft and delicate way.
  • Measurements: diameter of arm bracelent 7cm x 6cm (2.8in x 2.4in), diameter of thumb part 5cm x 3.5cm (2ix1.4in).
  • Vermeil is a combination of a silver base coated with a layer of gold. To be considered vermeil, gold has to be 10-karat minimum and have a thickness of at least 2.5 microns.
Product code A00200051

Why we love it

We enjoy magnifying everyday looks with Charlotte Chesnais’ Bond bracelet. Its pure design assures that the desirable piece confers your look an immediate edge.

Ideas to style it

Model yours with cropped sleeves or combine it with the Initial bracelet, one in each arm for a climactic outcome. So adaptable it will match any look.

Product code A00200051

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