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Charlotte Chesnais gold vermeil bracelet


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The piece

  • Charlotte Chesnais adds another great design to her collections with the Three Lovers gold vermeil bracelet.
  • This one-of-a-kind bracelet has two cuffs and a circular ring that moves elegantly at the top of the wrist. All the three pieces are made in yellow gold vermeil.
  • Measurements: maximum width 5.5cm (2.2cm), open part 3cm (1.2in).
  • Vermeil is the combination of a sterling silver base coated with a layer of gold. To be considered vermeil, gold has to be 10-karat minimum and have, at least, a thickness of 2.5 microns.
Product code A00200201

Why we love it

Charlotte Chesnais makes sure that her designs are comfortable to wear even when biking around Paris. We love that this sculpture-like design is no different. The moving ring adds a playful touch to this yellow gold style.

Ideas to style it

Wear this bracelet as a unique piece on your arm. Combine it with URiBE’s drop hoop earrings or one of Eye M by Ileana Makri’s creations with opals.

Gold vermeil bracelet designs

Gold vermeil bracelets are made of a sterling silver base covered with 18-karat gold of a width of 5 microns.

Charlotte Chesnais bracelet styles

Charlotte Chesnais creates breath-taking gold vermeil bracelet designs that elegantly hug your wrist, your hand and even your fingers. Shop our selection of Charlotte Chesnais bracelets and elevate your look.

Product code A00200201

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